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Providing Clear Direction for Bottom-Line Improvement

Profit$ee is a comprehensive, behavior-based approach that leverages a full range of priority balance, fee and transaction data to accurately and efficiently calculate the ongoing value of accounts and relationships.

In today's ever-changing financial environment, it's not enough to know a client's total position with your organization. You also need to clearly understand their value and where that value is derived.

Profit$ee Program Results

Profit$ee applies a flexible, dynamic approach, with results that are provable and understandable at all levels of the company:

  • Each account is evaluated on its specific metrics related to the four principal profitability dimensions:

    Funds-based income Origination & Maintenance expense
    Fee income Channel-specific Transaction expense

  • All cost and revenue assumptions that drive calculations are organized to easily accommodate changes in those values over time. Plus, "starting point" assumptions are provided for your consideration when proprietary data is unavailable
  • In addition to the final net income values, you'll also receive a wide range of revenue and expense components that comprise net income. With Profit$ee you'll not only know if an account or client is profitable or'll also know WHY. The "why" is critical to directing specific tactics for clients at various points on the value spectrum.

Because of our extensive background in building value solutions, we make the development process remarkably painless for you resulting in robust client profitability data to drive better decisions in less than 90 days.

The ultimate objective of every engagement is to maximize your ability to discriminate among individual accounts and relationships driving targeted revenue-improvement strategies quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

  • Complete documentation of methodology
  • File for append to your datamart or core systems with the full range of account & client metrics
  • Executive Summary presentation of results
  • Priority recommendations for using Profit$ee results to improve performance

Once Profit$ee values are available, you can immediately implement a wide range of high-impact initiatives:

Retention: Identify priority customers for focused retention efforts who deliver 80-90% of your value Prospecting: Focusing acquisition efforts toward demographic profiles that produce the best results
Cross-Selling: Pinpoint profit-based cross-sell strategies to strengthen bottom-line performance. Network Valuation: Analyzing differing value levels produced by various business units
Value-Based Segmentation: Employ value as a primary segment assignment driver Pricing: Exploring profit-improvement by analyzing cost/benefit trade-offs aligned with various approaches

To get the significant advantage that comes from having a clear view of today's account & relationship value and start improving tomorrow's bottom line contact Tricia Donohue at (603) 625-6200 or