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"On demand" company-wide access to actionable customer intelligence

What if your sales staff had access to comprehensive, detailed profile information about each of their clients – information to guide activities that could help regions, branches and individuals improve their performance? And what if this "on demand" capability could be delivered without expensive software or extensive training?

All of this is possible today with FocalPoint – the point-and-click module that empowers your managers to execute focused retention, expansion and acquisition initiatives by providing the key client data they need – when they need it.

Imagine how driving tactical information from your marketing database to the field, including product penetration, account balances, household position, maturity dates and deposit diminishment for each household could improve the quality of your customer communications and sales efforts.

Because we understand that different organizations have different data needs, we offer two versions of FocalPoint:

FocalPoint Express – Developed for organizations that already have a marketing database, FocalPoint Express allows you to maximize your MCIF investment by supporting easy, cost-effective deployment of critical client intelligence to an unlimited number of users in an efficient desktop datamart. Express is designed to complement your MCIF and extend its insight beyond a centralized function to guide revenue-improvement activities across the franchise.

FocalPoint Complete – Developed primarily for organizations without a current marketing database, FocalPoint Complete offers all the benefits of the Express version...with a wider range of product and relationship reporting options and more robust querying capabilities. Our in-depth experience in working with MCIF systems ensures that your FocalPoint Complete solution delivers all the capabilities you’ll need to uncover and fully leverage opportunities to strengthen your Consumer franchise – within hours of delivery.

The ease and flexibility of both FocalPoint Express and FocalPoint Complete ensures that managers throughout the company can immediately implement a wide range of priority activities, including:

  • Producing a comprehensive profile of top clients – supporting targeted retention initiatives
  • Selecting clients with checking but no direct deposit for cross-sell efforts
  • Planning consistent follow-up for the best HELOC targets
  • Organizing maturing deposit or loan accounts for timely renewal efforts
  • Locating households with diminishing deposits for proactive intervention.
What It Means For You
With the comprehensive, turn-key capabilities that FocalPoint offers, you’ll immediately realize the following benefits:
  • Empower managers by putting critical client intelligence at their fingertips
  • Enhance revenue by allocating retention, expansion and acquisition resources where improved ROI is most likely
  • Increase productivity and results by launching highly efficient direct marketing and sales programs at the centralized or branch level.