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Here are just a few of the ways we can empower your organization to continually and consistently optimize every relationship:

  • Measuring & Managing Client Value
    Achieving profitable growth requires a solid understanding of where your clients fall in the value spectrum. And equally important to uncovering and maximizing revenue enhancement opportunities is why an account or customer adds or detracts from the bottom line. Our Profit$ee behavior-based valuation methodology provides the where, the why and much more guiding the way to improved performance.
  • Highlighting Risks & Opportunities
    Proven modeling and analysis programs help ensure that you allocate resources to clients and prospects where your retention, expansion and acquisition efforts have the best chance to produce positive results. Our models range from identifying clients with significant potential to provide more revenue to your organization, to discovering households with the propensity to purchase priority products and services from your company.
  • Evaluating Performance
    Regularly observing and trending performance across a variety of dimensions highlights both opportunities to leverage and issues to address. Our carefully designed reporting tools present consistent, actionable information in a straightforward format from a client, business units and product perspective. This benefits your company by uncovering significant clusters for focused marketing and sales initiatives, and helping you monitor the results of those efforts.
  • Deploying Actionable Client Intelligence
    Distributing priority data on your customers throughout the company in a user-friendly tool can be a significant challenge. We specialize in organizing and enhancing key relationship data, then delivering it back to you in an efficient, turn-key solution we call FocalPoint. With FocalPoint, associates can easily generate the information they need "on demand" to support more informed -- and more successful sales and service contacts.

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